In August 1998,Stormy and Holly first met.
It was the beginning of a very special friendship.
Some days later, they composed a song just for fun. Accidentaly,
this song made it in the charts on the Navajo Indian Reservation.
Stormy and Holly went on composing. The Blue Medicine Music was born.

Blue Medicine Music is music medicine for cleaning our souls,
for cleaning our aura and for freeing our spirits.
The music will set moods, let your spirit travel.
Allows one to feel the inner emotions, and yet move one physically to
the natural heartbeat of Mother Earth.
The lyrics speak of sacredness, spirituality, reality, brotherhood, love,
hate, happiness and sadness…. human emotions.
Very often words and music are created spontaneously using guitars, nature sounds,
Native American instruments and the mood of the moment.
We all get a little blue sometimes.
Listen, heal yourself. Music for all that lives on the only
blue planet in the Universe.

Holly was born 1961 in Husum/Germany, a town at the North Sea. After finishing school he had professional training as a technician. Still unsatisfied he was looking for more. He found it in the music, in playing the guitar. Soon after that Holly had his own band and his first gigs. He went on, learning to play several styles on the guitar, til he decided in 1986 to make music his profession. He was hired by famous colleagues as a studio- and live- musician. (Detlef Buck, Godewind, Bonni Tyler, Heike Makatsch, Manfred Maurenbrecher, Champion Jack Dupree, Ian Cusick, Texas Blues Men, Gunter Sachs, John Kincade, Detlef Petersen, Hans Hartz, Veronika Fischer, Peter Timm, Michael Gwisteck, Gary Wright, u.a.) Working on music for motion-picture, he became known for his unique style playing the slide-guitar. It was in 1990 that Holly found his interest in “Worldmusic”. His fascination for the connection between music, healing and spirituality grew more and more. From this time on Holly followed his heart to go on studying in his own unique individual way.

Stormy RedDoor Born in the Summer of 1950, raised on the Sioux-Assinibion-Reservation, Stormy started out on a road many people can only dream of. Living on the very most northern border of the United States, travelling south to Mexico, Los Angelos , New York and also serving a tour in Southeast Asia, he finally ended up in Europe, still following the free spirit of his heritage. Comming home from Vietnam, dazed and confused, Stormy decided to isolate himself moving to a remote area in the southwestern part of the U.S. It was there he allowed the seed of creativity and traditional medicine to take hold once again. He became known in the visual art world for his unique “basrelief” stone sculptures. This created a bridge for him to come to Europe. It was where he discovered a new gift, the ability of songwriting and singing. true to his nature, he has taken these “gifts” to heart.